The Whispering Begins Ruby

There is the quiet rustle of humble beginnings in a small Soho loft overlooking the rooftops,
The ramshackle,the foul breath of the city in the cool nights sky.

It is only a breath of an awakening.The crow slightly bends his sentinel stance and the music box dancer long silent and broken in the corner omits a tremor and the hint of a long forgotten note, just one but remember…Its just a beginning.
Ruby, do you remember the circus? Can you remember the scent of dry dust and wood shavings, the adoring saucer eyes of the children. Do you remember your graceful gazelle steps across the tightrope, the smell of hot buttered popcorn, the gasps from the Poe faced ladies.

Then you fell Ruby, do you remember the screams, the hideous crunching of bones and you lay crumpled on the floor. They left you behind Ruby, you are lucky to be alive you know, its true that you live as a ghost yet this vision you have Ruby..

There is a definite whisper, shush and listen..

These are your thoughts, your secret innermost dreams of beauty, the little girl who will one day burst from this small attic in silk and velvet with the whole of Soho at her feet.

You are making this dream happen Ruby, if one day you wake, if one day you remember Ruby Peril.

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  1. denise says:

    I have seen you Ruby , your eyes say so much, there is such a serene feel about you . x to only wish when I close my eyes that one day you will be within my reach .

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