A Rabbit In Our Midst


Seek1They come and go so often, the lost, the grieving at the rotten cherry bowl they perceive as their lot, the rabbit girl was no different.
I remember her hovering by the strongman’s tent picking at the ropes with her clean pink fingernails. She had a voice like fresh-cut flowers, all dewy, soft and innocent and not for the likes of the Carny folk.
Determined to run away with the circus she was, she came from a big house where you have to make sure as your arms don’t rest on the table or a hullabaloo breaks out.
Name was Lila May and she had made this bunny suit at night when she was supposed to be sleeping sound in her feather bed.
Lila said the suit made her invisible and she could slip away into different worlds! Barking mad if you ask me, she thought she could work in a magic act but anyone could see she was just a slip of an innocent on the run and we just didn’t ask for trouble on the road on account of it already being quite a hard place to be at times.
Lila stayed a day or two with me in my bunk, she wanted to collect all of the stories I had in my head of the circus adventures, she wanted to gobble them up and devour them like sweetmeats in the hope they somehow filled her own dull life. Lila saw us all as so exotic and free, truth was a far cry but she had a head full of story books and we the closest she got to a rabbit hole down which to escape from that mundane old life in the big house, perhaps she thought that all the sequins and candy stripes would simply spread over her as if she were a pice of blotting paper, who knows.
Elsa sent her packing quick as a flash and I never saw that strange rabbit girl again.


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