I can remember a lady who looked like a box of diamonds shining in the sun, her name was Margot and her smile made my heart quiver like a cherry flavoured jelly with cream it was so warm and pretty.

Margot never knew any other life than carny life, she came from somewhere far down south but one day she came to see our show and she never did go home save to collect a suitcase. She fell head over heels for Tobias Finch the magician who made her part of his act and put a shiny ring on her finger, wasn’t quite a diamond though.

We was at this one town and Margot was so nervous that night she dropped her powder and smeared her lips like she was a clown, turned out her first ringmaster had come to the show and Margot had some terrible memories of the end of his big leather whip.

Everything went to pieces that night, its like hot lava running through a crevice in the rock when one of the family has the blues or the nerves, even the lions were lacklustre in their routine and I felt plain dizzy up on that high wire which was rare since it was my second home. Margot dropped the throwing knives and missed so many Q’s that she was virtually a Z.

When we got to the vanishing act with the old brown suitcase it really fell apart like the apple crumble old Martha the cook makes us on Sundays. Margot never did return from the vanishing, goes to show that its not all smoke and mirrors in showbiz since half of her did come back!

Margot lives in that suitcase now Tobias tends to her every need with such love, can’t see that its the same though, having half a lady and he had to train up Annie the Dwarfs daughter for some of the magic routines, I think he might have done that on account of her being short and a bit plain so as not to make Margot feel sadder. Margot still has that diamond smile and the sweet bird of hope in her beautiful soul, one day I hope she will be whole again.soi6Soi1soistudio

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