Sophie Farquhar’s Dance.









Sophie Farquhar is something like one of those gazelle’s that Ma Enid showed me in the picture books, that’s what
Tobias once said before Margot scowled something rotten at him. I don’t really see how because she is definitely a lady which ever way I look at her.

Sophies mother was an English rose,her father came from France on the other side of the big murky Channel sea. It came as a surprise to Eloise and Gerard to have bourn such a child as Sophie who was more a wildflower of lanky proportion like the most beautiful weed you ever did lay eyes upon.
They was terribly ‘Oo La la’, that’s also what Ma Enid said, they packed her up like a pile of books and sent off to a school to be finished! Its supposed to make you into a lady and walk like you have a broomstick shoved up your you know where. Eloise was as dry as rustling parchment and she would hear nothing of dancing save the dullard ballet classes after lessons on a Thursday.
Gerard on the other hand spent much of his time not writing the Annual report on the wool industry in South Wales and looking out of the window at his marvel of a daughter as she spun and whirled through the hollyhocks and heathers.Gerard understood the soul must be as well fed as the body, he pressed a pair of dance slippers firmly into Sophie’s hands and whispered that she must always follow her heart before bowing to anyone else’s expectations or only a husk of her very being would remain.

It was not long before Sophie met a young man called Daniel Deon by the banks of the Seine. Daniel wooed Sophie with a stammeringly clumsy charm, he wrote terrible poetry to show her his masterful english and often tripped over tree roots as he was so intent on his eyes always meeting with hers.
Sophie was utterly enraptured by Daniels gentle manner and childlike enormous smile so when the day came that he dropped to one knee she wept with joy.
Sophie returned to England where her mother was convinced she was indeed a Lady and dance but a childish passing whim. Eloise and Gerard bought a tumble down maisonette in London for the young couple to live in when they were wed.
Alas, wartime was within a stinking filthy breath’s reach and Daniel made the trip over the sea to hold his beloved and whisper his undying love and decades of promises in Sophies delicate ears.
Safely cocooned in the knowledge that no evil could fell their desire and life force they danced by the hearth, shared their innermost thoughts and kissed until they were as entwined as bramble growing wildly through an oak forest.
Sophie improvised exotic dances and sung lark like love ballads to Daniel. Daniel made plans for the little maisonette, a study lined with all of their favourite books, a roof garden with birdsong and plants of unearthly beauty to wonder at the moons mysteries in.Not even a war could invade this perfect fairy tale.
Sophie and Daniel waved farewell with hearts as ripe as splitting pomegranates.

There were letters …..So frequent the footpath was almost worn thin but then they became less as war must dictate. It is the last letter, this is the letter that Sophie Farquhar clutches to her breast when the curtain falls.This letter so silken from touch around the edges from touch and a little torn.This letter smudged slightly where the tears could not be quelled.The last line in this letter written by the trembling hand of Daniel Deon,
‘Please always dance my beloved Sophie, no matter what please dance. I love you. Daniel’.

So it was that Sophie Farquhar shed the shackles or the safety of her life before and came to join us carny folk.I think that every night she dances for Daniel for it is always with such passion and the most beautiful sad smile upon her face.

This cannot be the end for on the show must go………..

Sophie Farquhar is Dollstown Yujin with a Dollstown 18yr body. Her dress, bloomers and gloves are by me, her stockings are from Dorset,(Etsy), embellished by me. Her hat is by by the magically talented Allison Wonder. Allison currently has three top hats in this limited edition fabric and one in grey wool.

The custom backdrop for Sophie is by the infinitely talented Mr Michael Lynn, an accomplished mural artist and illustrator who makes beautiful balls seem to roll and curtains shimmer with his mastery of Trompe L’oiel. This is an original artwork and the artist retains the copyright of this piece. In the future Michael is hoping to work on custom pieces for lovers of fine BJD pieces.

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