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Lotti Madigalis was really quite a lucky elf in many ways for to be born an elven princess was thought a blessing indeed.
Sadly Lotti was a rather lonely elf. She had a governess to fill her head with academia and lived mostly with her kindly yet stoic and very dull Aunt Gertrude.
Lotti’s parents were generally busy bestowing magic and healing to their royal subjects across the vast realm of their lands.

Aunt Gertrude was a long string thin very proper sort of an elf. She wore thick navy blue stockings with twill skirts and was always seen with her head in a book on the great Elven philosophers throughout the infinity of elven time.
Aunt Gertrude rarely smiled as she thought it frivolous even though she did have a quite kind heart beneath her dowdy exterior.She did not have time to play with young ladies like Lotti and no doubt would have also thought that a frivolity too.
Aside from the vast imposing library, Gertrude also was partial to her immense soaring glass house, a majestic concoction of delicate lace faerie iron and sparkling window panes. The interior a sumptuous tangled jade mass of meandering vines and fine wooden sculptures.
Above the sea of green flew hundreds and thousands of butterflies in every hue of the rainbow and beyond.

Lotti was not allowed in to the glass house for fear she would disturb the fragile equilibrium of the rarest of elven seedlings in their nurseling stages.
From outside she pressed her ears as close as possible to the glass fancying she could hear the whisper of each butterfly wings gentle flutter.
Sometimes a butterfly would solemnly stare into Lotti’s apple green eyes with such wistful longing that Lotti began to feel terribly sad that such wondrous creatures should be locked away from the meadows they surely would prefer as their home.They must gaze as did Lotti at the the vast beautiful kingdom beyond their exquisite glass cage longing to be free.

You see that was also Lotti’s secret wish. Oh how she longed to run with the village children. To jump over a skipping rope, to climb trees, to graze her knees and judd her fine delicate clothing.
How she longed to escape the drone of her governess’s long lessons and feel the tips of the tall grasses as she leapt through the fields.

One day Lotti could no longer resist the calling inside her very soul, she reached up to the butterfly net with which the beautiful winged ones were captured. Dragging the net behind her she wrenched open the drawer inside which on an ochre silk cushion lay a gold key, the key to the glass house forbidden treasure to all but Aunt Gertrude.
With a smile as big as the moon in all of his fullness she flung open the glass doors.
Dancing and running, tumbling and leaping came Lotti and an enormous cloud of soaring butterflies. A winged parade of colour and joy.The net she flung from from the stone bridge in to the swirling gurgling waters below.

When Lotti’s parents returned from their royal obligations they consoled a weeping mournful Aunt Gertrude yet really it was in wonder they smiled with utter delight at their precious daughter.
She had dared to listen to the beat of of her own heart which was too full of love to be contained by any walls be they glass or stone.
To this day Lotti is known as the courageous elven girl who embodies the pure beauty of freedom and love.

Lotti is a Kaye Wiggs Pip Elf, Dollstown elf body. Ruby Peril Fullset.
Lotti’s dress is made from a salvaged 1930’s sheer voile with an underdress of silk, cotton and an ivory metalic fabric.
The dress is adorned with fabric butterflies, each has a wire armature so their wings can be played with to every whimsical desire.
Lotti has socks made from a vintage silk cardigan and little pale lavender elf shoes made from an antique kid leather glove.
She has antique lace bloomers and a fine soft mauve tulle petticoat & 1920’s pink tulle shawl.
The stand has a hollow core and faux roots peek through the mossy embankment on which she is firmly attached to her hand made wooden doll stand. A firm wire holds her hips and another ties around her thighs for stability.
From the the mound there are a plethora of wonderous coloured watercolour paper butterflies with wired antennae.
Lotti has a custom made alpaca wig that is extra long and luxuriously soft, the wig is lined with kid leather and the ruby peril label.
Her eyes are enchanted doll urethane eyes, she has soft brown mohair eyelashes.
Lotti carries a hand made aged butterfly net that has a very old hand forged nail holding it’s core together.
She has a blue beaded necklace with a rose glass faceted drop.
Lotti has a Dollstown Elf body in normal skin tone, her body is fully subtly blushed.
The third and final and most delicate of a series of butterfly works, the other two being in private collections.

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